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Apr 08, 2017 UK PS4 owners will get Sky Go and Now TV apps from this May 01, 2014 Sky Go & PS Plus Question - PlayStation 4 Message Board Devices: PlayStation 3, iPhone 6 64GB & iPad Air 16GB. User Info: OurLadyPeace. OurLadyPeace 4 years ago #2. No, but you need a Sky subscription to watch Sky Go on PS4 Cheers dude, already got a Sky account but thought I'd ask before I potentially flog on my PS3 and games as I use Sky on the PS3 … new version of skygo impossible to watch sport due to

May 21, 2020

You can hook up your PlayStation 3 Eye to your computer. Once it is on your computer, it functions as a basic Web camera. This means you can then connect to Skype and use it for video conferencing over the Skype network. If you already own a PlayStation 3 Eye, then you do not need to buy a separate Web camera for your computer. Sky go on PC thru PS3 to TV??? | AVForums Mar 20, 2012 Sky Go App - Watch Sky TV on your mobile, tablet or laptop

Jan 22, 2013

new version of skygo impossible to watch sport due to SKy have forced users of skygo to upgrade to a new version, and do not support the previous version. I now find it impossible to watch soccer, tennis , golf etc on the new version due to bad stutter on the screen. Movement of players, balls etc is so jittery that one is disinclined to watch. PAIN™ Game | PS3 - PlayStation Robust online community feature set lets you compete with other players around the world on Global Leaderboards, track your friend's scores, and connect to the PAIN™ website, where you can participate in polls, get developer updates, and provide feedback to make for a … Sky Go hits Sony PS4 | Trusted Reviews