When you specify the strip-group command, the security appliance selects the tunnel group for user connections by obtaining the group name from the username presented by the VPN client. The security appliance then sends only the user part of the username for authorization/authentication.

Client VPN Active Directory authentication doesn't need a Client VPN Active Directory authentication doesn't need a Domain Admin account All, After some testing on an MX84, even though the Client VPN page indicates that a Domain ADMIN account is needed for authentication, I've tested with a standard Domain USER account and client authentication still works. 2.2 User Authentication - SoftEther VPN Project 2.2.1 Anonymous Authentication. Anonymous authentication is the simplest type of user authentication. If a user set by anonymous authentication exists for Virtual Hub, anyone who knows the user name can connect to the Virtual Hub and conduct VPN communication. About Mobile VPN with L2TP User Authentication In Fireware v12.2.1 or lower, when you add a user or group to the Mobile VPN with L2TP configuration and select Firebox-DB as the authentication server, this does not automatically add the user or group for Firebox authentication. You must also add users and groups in the Firebox authentication settings. VPN with Azure MFA using the NPS extension - Azure Active

Enable MFA for VPN users: Azure AD authentication

Put the FULL DN of the AD group that will have remote VPN users in it. Make sure to not nest groups in there. Here’s the DN I used. CN=RemoteUsers,CN=Users,DC=SDC,DC=Local. Then set the cisco attribute to “RemoteUsers”. Doing this means that any user of that group gets assigned the group policy of “RemoteUsers” which we will create later. From the Authentication Server drop-down list, select the Active Directory domain for this user group. For this example, select excellentschool.edu. In the Primary text box, type the primary external IP address to which Mobile VPN users in this group can connect. This can be an external IP address, secondary external IP address, or external VLAN. Feb 26, 2008 · This is the group that all users have pre-configured in the VPN Client. They authenticate into this group initially, and then are locked into a different group after user authentication. Define the group normally. Make sure you add the Drop All filter (that you just created) under the General tab.

From the drop-down menu, select the server group to be used for VPN authentication. 8. Click Apply. To configure VPN authentication via the command-line interface, access the CLI in config mode andissue the following commands: aaa authentication vpn default. default-role < role> max-authentication-failure < number> server-group < name>

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