Android Q now gets an official name: Android 10 - The

2019-8-23 · Android Q is now Android 10. Breaking the 10-year history of naming Android releases after desserts, Google on Thursday announced it had officially named the next version as just Android 10. Android Studio 3.6.1 GLYPHICONS FREE were used and are released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License (CC BY 3.0) Bootstrap was used and is released under MIT License jQuery CookieBar Plugin was used and is released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License (CC BY 3.0) Download Water Race 3D: Aqua Music Game v1.3.2 for … How to install Water Race 3D: Aqua Music Game v1.3.6 for Android Method One: Download the APK straightforwardly onto the device. This method is reasonable if the APK file is available as a download on the system (ie, clicking a link on a site page) and the device has arrange get to (eg, by means of 3G portable information plan, Wi-Fi or fastened USB).

2016-11-20 · 3、在MainActivity中实现语言切换 调用 setLanguage() 即可。 注:在该部分代码中,出现一种很奇怪的问题,就是保存的数据在下次应用程序启动时,该app的语言仍然是系统默认的而不是自己上次设置的,查看代码发现在调用 mContext.getResources().updateConfiguration(configuration,displayMetrics);后,系统中

All Android Version List A to Z (7/8/9/10 Q) With Name and 2020-7-20 · After Google announced the new version of Android Nougat 9.0, Now again raise the question about the name of Android 10.0 (See below for more info).. Also Check: Best Android Emulators to Run Android Games on PC Also Check: Best Addicting Android Games Below are the Lists of All Android Version A to Z: Below are the latest Android version with photos. Android | The platform pushing what’s possible

在 Android Q 上上面方法已经不能使用了,如果获取设备唯一Id,需要使用其他方式了,谷歌提供的获取唯一标识符做法见 文档,也可以用Android_ID,上面这些也不是绝对能得到一个永远不变的Id,可能需要多种方案获取其他Id,比如有谷歌商店的手机可以使用谷歌提供的广告Id,还有其他厂商一般都会

2018-7-26 · 3. Android 1.6 Donut. Android 1.6 Donut was released in October of 2009. It offered a few major improvements. The biggest feature addition was the added support for CDMA which brought a whole new crowd to Android. CDMA was the technology used by American mobile networks at the time. Following are the features that came with it. Androidのバージョン履歴 - Wikipedia 2020-7-1 · 正式リリース前のバージョン Androidの開発は、2003年にAndroid Inc.によって開始された。Android Inc.は、2005年にGoogleに買収された [6]。 アルファ版 ベータ版のリリース前に、Google内部向けに少なくとも2つのリリースが行われている [7] [8]。"Astro Boy" および "Bender" のコードネームが、これらプレ SDK Platform release notes | Android Developers 2020-6-3 · Android 3.1, Revision 2 (May 2011) Dependencies: Requires SDK Tools r11 or higher. Notes: Fixes an issue with the visual layout editor rendering library that prevented Android 3.1 from running in ADT. Android 3.1, Revision 1 (May 2011) Dependencies: Requires SDK Tools r11 or higher. Android 3.0 (API level 11) Android 3.0, Revision 2 (July 2011